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I recently received an invitation from Saal Digital to review one of their wall decors,  they gifted me a £50 voucher in return for an honest review of the process and product.  In total, my wall decor came to £46.95 so with the delivery charge, I did pay an additional £2.90.

The process to order was relatively simple, however, it was necessary to download the Saal Digital software in order to design the decor.  My initial view that this was unnecessarily complicated proved to be unfairly negative when all the positives of the offline system are considered.  The ability to easily save and navigate between projects proved very helpful, likewise, the offline capacities meant that I could work on my piece in a poor internet area.  The software itself had a clean and intuitive interface which streamlined the whole process and only took about 5 minutes to install.

Saal Digital offers several different media for your wall decor including Alu-Dibond (including an option for a ButlerFinish), Gallery Print and Artist Canvas.  I was impressed by the range of prices from the budget-friendly PVC Foamboard (£16.95 for a 20×30 piece, 5 mm without mounting) to the higher end Floating Frame (£49.00 for a 20×30 piece, includes hanging attachments).  I elected for the Acrylic Glass finish.  The photo that I was going to use to create the wall decor has quite a depth to the image and I was hoping that the Acrylic Glass would enhance this and the finished product did not disappoint.

I was very pleased with the range of customisability available.  The Acrylic Glass decor offered a choice of thickness between 5 mm and 10 mm.  For the situation, I had in mind the 5 mm depth was perfect however I would imagine that a larger or more dominant image might be enhanced by a 10 mm depth.  There was also a great range of choice in the mounting of the decor.  I chose an aluminium subframe in the anticipation that it would lift the image off the wall and give the appearance that it was floating.  It has far exceeded my expectations in this and I was also very pleased to note that the subframe is not obvious from the side of the image and was already pre-assembled.  Other options available included their standard mounting, standoffs (which would be perfect if using Saal for a gallery exhibition or without mounting.  The only difficulty I found was in how to mount the subframe to the wall.  This would be relatively simple with screws/nails into the wall, however, as I am currently residing in a rental property I had to resort to Damage-Free Picture Hanging strips.  I used 4 pairs of large strips, which was probably overkill but has held the image securely so far.

In terms of delivery, Saal were excellent.  Their website clearly shows the estimated production and delivery times for each of their products including a helpful feature showing when you should receive the package if you order by 12 O’clock on that day.  I was informed that my wall decor should take 2-3 days in production and then a further 3-4 days for delivery, however, the day after placing my order I received an email saying it had been shipped.  From this point I cannot honestly comment on the delivery time as I was away from home so not able to collect the parcel, however, it was definitely within the time period suggested and I have no reason to believe it was any longer than had been quoted.  It is worth noting that the only option available for delivery was the DHL Standard Delivery which cost £5.95 for delivery to mainland UK.

The parcel was well packaged with the image suitably protected.  I especially appreciated the thin plastic film across the image so that I didn’t scratch it or get fingerprints on it during hanging.

The final product absolutely blew me away, I had already really liked the photo but now I loved it.  The richness of the colours was fantastic and the spatial depth of the image was brilliantly enhanced by the Acrylic Glass.  Overall I could not recommend Saal Digital highly enough, their service was excellent from start to finish and they produced a superb final product.  I will be using them again.

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